Enter the requested information into the fields and complete the needs assessment questionnaire. You will come to a “review” page where you will see the Pay Per Click Potential Exposure.

Why don’t I have enough, or ANY keywords?

  1. If you see limited potential and keywords, this could mean a couple of things.
    1. First, this could mean that the website content is flash-based, or just plain poor, and the tool isn’t able to pull any keywords. (This is an SEO opportunity to improve on-site structure and content.)
    2. Second, this could mean the target geography was too small because the tool only looks at a sample size of keywords, not all the possible keywords out there to get to the desired budget.

What do I do if my client’s website doesn’t produce keywords in this proposal?

  1. You’re in luck!  There are a few tricks and tips to know so that you can sell SEM even with a poor website.
    1. Expand the geo.
    2. Per the explanation above, it may be too small of an area.  Start with this fix.
    3. Try an “internal” website link.
    4. Change the client’s URL to an internal page of the website (rather than the homepage URL) that has more content/keywords, such as the products or services page. 
    5. You’ll also notice that your report will include an industry market leader’s estimate.  We included this so that you could compare and get a realistic snapshot of what the industry leader might be spending in SEM.  Use this information to help your client understand what a healthy SEM budget looks like.