AdTaxi’s Audience Targeting solutions connect advertisers to consumers in real-time to get the right ad in front of the right customer, at the right time. We access the largest digital advertising marketplaces which give us access to 10 to 15 billion ad impressions every day from over 700 publishers who are all brand safe. Although we can access billions of impressions, we specialize in buying the right impression in order to effectively connect our clients with their target audience.

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Targeting Capabilities

We target consumers based on demographics, geography, and category or behavior. We narrowly target advertising campaigns in order to waste fewer impressions and increase the effectiveness of the campaign. AdTaxi applies data from trusted data providers that effectively matches an ad impression to a target customer.


Behavioral Targeting

To target customers based upon behavior, AdTaxi uses cookie and browser information. Behavioral targeting serves ads to users based on their online and offline behavior, including purchasing activity, membership to associations, and other basic actions. Information, data, is collected in a variety of ways, and is then used by our advertising experts to reach users with ad messages applicable to them.


Category Targeting

AdTaxi’s category targeting displays advertisements to potential customers who are already consuming similar content online. Ads are relevant and make sense in the consumer’s mind. Our category targeting increases consumer consideration and dialogue through relevant advertising.




Geography & Demographics

AdTaxi also targets by demographics to reach target customers who are a specific age, gender, income level, and education level. By geography, we target specific states, cities, and zip or postal codes. Layered targeting combines two or more levels of targeting to continually narrow down the audience.



AdTaxi’s retargeting solution reaches back out to clients who have visited your website. Retargeting to them reminds them of what they saw, keeps your brand top-of-mind and returns them to your website.

Online Display

Connecting with consumers to drive interest

AdTaxi’s Audience Targeting Display solution reaches desired audiences with applicable ad messages that increase the dialogue between brand and customer to positively affect consumer intent. AdTaxi connects brands and clients through online display media on thousands of different websites hand selected for each advertising campaign.

Mobile Marketing

Connecting with consumers in their own environment

AdTaxi’s mobile solutions increase mobile site traffic, create top-of-mind awareness at critical times, and drive consumers into stores. AdTaxi delivers advertisers messages on mobile phones and tablets through mobile web and in-app banners. We reach users in a personal environment (on their phones and tablets) where their eyes cannot miss the advertisement. Creative formats include mobile banners and rich media. AdTaxi targets mobile users based on: (1) geography, (2) type of device, and (3) content category.

Online Video

Connecting with consumers via sight & sound

AdTaxi’s video solutions leverage sight and sound to connect with consumers on an emotional level. Our video platform reaches 700 million internet users worldwide on top publisher sites including YouTube. Our video units include pre-roll, in-banner video, social games and mobile video. AdTaxi targets users by geography, demographics, and content category or behavior. Our video solutions hold users’ attention for a lengthier product or service message. While tapping into multiple consumer senses, AdTaxi’s video solutions impact consumers’ decisions and intent.