AdTaxi offers a full-service Content Marketing solution for businesses, providing high-quality content and distribution. With a background in journalism, we are committed to creating quality content.  That quality translates to the content marketing services we provide for brands. We leverage our network of vetted freelance journalists, designers & photographers to produce white papers, blog content, event coverage, industry reporting, info-graphics, video and more.

AdTaxi’s Content Marketing solution generates interest and awareness by developing connections between brands and their target audiences through valuable content. By providing content that is relevant to consumers, brands earn consumer confidence and loyalty.

content marketing

Native Advertising 

Connect with our highly engaged news media audience through the creation and distribution of original branded content across our newspaper web and mobile properties. With native integration into our news feeds, we drive brand exposure and organic readership. The content is surrounded by the brand’s advertising, creating a cohesive message and brand experience for readers.



Brand Content 

Increase engagement on your brand’s website by sharing relevant, quality content that keeps readers coming back. We’ll develop content that builds a positive, meaningful brand experience and earns the trust and loyalty of your consumers. Tie this into your AdTaxi Search or Social campaign to create a comprehensive solution.



Influencer Outreach  

Content creators know their audience best and speak to them in a way that resonates. With our Influencer Outreach program, brands can leverage content creators to share stories related to their message that evoke emotion and add value to the reader’s life. This creates a connection with the consumer and, ultimately, brand affinity.