AdTaxi’s digital direct mail solution delivers clients’ messages straight to target consumers’ email inboxes. Our digital direct mail allows advertisers to grab consumer attention longer via multiple unique content & layouts, engaging graphics, and multiple links. Our email solution manages all aspects of email marketing including:

  • Strategy
  • List development
  • Execution
  • Tracking

AdTaxi’s digital direct mail solution increases repeat customer loyalty and builds awareness with potential customers.

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Email Marketing Campaigns | tailored email messages based on consumers’ topics of interests

AdTaxi targets consumers who have requested (opted-in) to receive emails about specific topics of interest. Messages can be tailored and individualized for specific groups of target consumers in order to connect with them on their selected topics of interest. Our digital direct mail solution can target consumer groups based on:

  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Consumer Interests
  • Business Categories

We use multiple forms of creative content to execute a complete email campaigns. We track how consumers open emails and their click sequence. Based on these results we send follow-up email messages that are even more targeted based on their behavior. Our solution enables advertisers to have a deeper understanding about what customers and potential customers are interested in, and then deliver specific messages based upon that knowledge.



Email Banners | banner ad placement in news-subscribed emails result in high views

AdTaxi offers advertisers banner ads on emails sent to newspaper subscribers who have requested to receive news, sports, and entertainment content via email. These banners deliver high results for advertisers because users open and read ‘news content’ emails.

AdTaxi’s digital direct mail solutions educate consumers, increase brand loyalty, and lead to shopping and purchasing behavior.