Premium News Audience | connecting advertisers to local consumers

AdTaxi leverages local news media brands to connect with local customers.  The visitors on local news media sites are local consumers interested in local news and local businesses.  Content on these sites is timely, credible, and relevant.  These sites also have many repeat visitors which allows for a reinforced advertising message.  AdTaxi connects advertisers to consumers on these trusted sites in order to increase brand awareness and familiarity.

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Digital First Media | connecting advertisers to consumers across the nation

AdTaxi’s parent company, Digital First Media, connects advertisers to millions of consumers through credible, local market websites on a national scale.  DFM’s content driven platforms attract large and engaged audiences.   Digital First Media has over 200 award winning websites that contain unparalleled and fresh content that keeps audiences returning.

Some of Digital First Media’s news websites include:

  • The Denver Post
  • The San Jose Mercury News
  • The Los Angeles Daily News
  • The St. Paul Pioneer Press
  • The New Haven Register
  • Salt Lake City Tribune
  • El Paso Times
  • The Oakland Press
  • The Trentonian

Digital First Media’s monthly audience exceeds 250 million page views and 50 million unique visitors.


First Party Data | Digital First Media Advantage

AdTaxi leverages the ‘gained knowledge’ about consumers’ online behavior through 1st party data received from the Digital First Media sites.  We take the data and apply it to our advertising campaigns in order to better target end-users on other sites across the web.  The insightful data results in relevant advertisements that strategically target unique audiences.  This advantage enables the advertisers to connect with an audience in a unique way by specifically speaking to them about their interests and leading them farther along in the consumer purchasing cycle.