AdTaxi’s Automotive Marketing approach incorporates Search, Audience Targeting, Email, and Social to reach car buyers throughout the decision making process


Avery Greene Honda, a dealership in the San Francisco Bay Area, has grown to be one of the most successful auto dealerships in the market with the help of AdTaxi over the last year.

 Campaign Goals

  • Increase awareness of Avery Greene Honda to ultimately result in increased sales
  • Draw buyers from outlying markets
  • Drive visitors to website
  • Increase pre-qualifying form completions (leads)

Campaign Results | One-Month Campaign

AdTaxi Display & Mobile

  • 1,134 clicks to website
  • 0.15% CTR

AdTaxi Email Marketing

  • 1,059 clicks
  • 10.094% open rate
  • 2.118% CTR
"I am a big believer in digital advertising, but started small with a Facebook management campaign when first approached by AdTaxi. Satisfied with the results, we moved forward by adding additional digital products and recently, added a piece we were missing, which was our Search Engine Marketing. In the first month, I have already seen my ads show up in search results on Google and feel confident, with the AdTaxi team working on my campaign, my dealership will continue to see much success."
AK Qadir, General Manager, Avery Greene Honda

Peerless Tires 4 Less, a regional Tire Retailer, called upon AdTaxi to assist them to sell more sets of tires in a hyper-competitive marketplace. Peerless Tires wanted to leverage Social Media to increase brand awareness and image with the end goal of driving customers into stores.

Campaign Goals

  • Drive customers into stores for a rebate ($40 rebate when purchasing 4 tires)
  • Build the Peerless Tires 4 Less brand image


Campaign Elements

  • Facebook Content Creation & Page Management
  • Facebook Offer


Campaign Results

  • 128 Offers Claimed in 1 day
  • Resulted in potential for over $76,800 in tire sales
  • 83 sets of tires sold directly from the single Facebook Offer
  • Lead to over $49,800 in immediate in-store sales
"We are very happy with the Facebook results. AdTaxi has helped us reach over 100,000 people each month with engaging content. The Facebook offers that AdTaxi manages for us drive customers into our stores. Anytime we sell more tires it’s great!"
George Kropf, Marketing Manager, Peerless Tire Co

Rosedale Chevy, a Minneapolis/St. Paul Chevrolet dealer, needed AdTaxi to increase traffic to their website and gain a higher ranking in search results.

 Campaign Goals

  • Increase the number of website visitors
  • Improve ranking on search engines


Campaign Results

  • Using a product mix of SEM, SEO, Email, Wallpaper Display Ads and Retargeting Display Ads, AdTaxi increased visitors to Rosedale Chevrolet’s website by 67% month-over-month
  • In the first month, AdTaxi accounted for 17% of Rosedale Chevy’s total online traffic. In the second month, AdTaxi accounted for 28% of Rosedale Chevy’s total online traffic.
  • During the campaign, Rosedale Chevy was the #1 GM dealer in the DMA and 3rd in the region for visitors
  • Rosedale Chevy achieved a 25% share-of-impressions of keywords in their category