Mattress & Furniture Retailers turn to AdTaxi to accelerate digital marketing in order to target potential furniture buyers on a multitude of digital marketing platforms


American Furniture

American Furniture Warehouse is the largest home furnishings retailer in the state of Colorado. Through AdTaxi, AFW wanted to reach target customers in and around the state of Colorado on multiple digital platforms and stay on the cutting edge of digital media technology.

Campaign Results

  • Display: .40% CTR (Wallpaper), .13% CTR (traditional display & breaking news sponsorship)
  • Tablet: .38% CTR
  • Mobile: .35% CTR
  • Facebook Ads: .16% CTR
  • Facebook Fans: 8,821 new “likes” in just 9 months
"AdTaxi has streamlined buying digital media by taking all of the guess work out of it. Our media mix has changed quite a bit in the last five years. We are doing a lot more display advertising as well as pre-roll video, and in-banner advertising. Social Media is important to our business because it is word-of-mouth advertising. In our business, word-of-mouth advertising is the most important advertising. My experience doing mobile and social advertising with AdTaxi has been fantastic. They really understand that mobile and social advertising is growing in the marketplace."
Joe Staface, Advertising Director, American Furniture Warehouse