Travel Industry Clients engage with travelers who are seeking the perfect resort, lodge or destination through AdTaxi’s digital media solutions including email, social media and search marketing


Eldora Mountain Resort

Eldora Mountain Resort, a ski resort west of Boulder, CO, wanted to increase engagement on their Facebook Page in order to communicate with guests and maintain the resort’s top-of-mind awareness.

Campaign Goals

  • Build an engaged and loyal audience through Social Media
  • Keep the fans informed of mountain and resort activities


Campaign Results | 1 Month Campaign

  • Delivered 361 new likes on the Facebook page
  • Engaged 21,616 people
  • Reached 167,709 people
"The AdTaxi social media campaign has been very successful for us."
Rob Linde, Eldora Mountain Resort

Vail Valley Foundation

Vail Valley Foundation wanted to showcase events for the winter season at Colorado ski resorts. They needed to reach travelers and Coloradoans interested in winter sports.

Campaign Goals:

  • Increase Awareness of Vail Valley Foundation
  • Drive Event Attendance


Campaign Results | 1 Month Campaign

  • 140,699 Display Impressions and 254 clicks delivered to Winter Travel Enthusiasts
  • 125,884 Yahoo! Impressions and 82 clicks delivered on Skiing & Travel Content
  • 938,283 Mobile & Tablet Impressions and 1,879 clicks delivered on Outdoors & Travel Content
  • – 168,098 Emails delivered to Ski & Snow enthusiasts with a 45% open rate
"At the Vail Valley Foundation we have a strong year-round partnership with the Denver Post and AdTaxi! Their team of knowledgeable professionals has helped us realize measurable ROI on countless events and campaigns. Everything from world-class cultural performances to World Cup Ski Racing, action sports, concerts and education programs. Our diversity of regional, national, and international targets requires very scalable, precise and flexible marketing solution. The team at Denver Post and AdTaxi never fail to deliver a cost effective and targeted solution that exceeds our expectations time and time again."
- Paul Abling, Vail Valley Foundation