AdTaxi’s Marketing Campaigns are built on a custom basis to connect clients to their target audience through the most effective media channels based upon campaign goals.

Local People

AdTaxi’s digital experts have built long-standing relationships with local advertising clients.

AdTaxi’s Local Digital Experts:

  • Leverage extensive local knowledge of clients’ markets, competition, and goals
  • Build custom advertising campaigns with local insight
  • Are backed by technology that drives results for advertisers
  • Rely on an in-house digital operations team touches all phases of a campaign from set-up, to media optimization, to post run analysis and analytics
  • Review & Evaluate campaign analytics and results with our clients for continual improvement

With a collaborative approach, we build and execute custom campaigns from local knowledge and expertise. We leverage leading-edge technology for all our advertising campaigns which are managed by an in-house operations team.

 1st Party Publisher Data & Partner Data

AdTaxi combines 1st Party Data from our publishers’ news sites with 3rd Party Data from partners in order to offer advertising clients a highly engaged and targeted audience.

1st Party Publisher Data

AdTaxi leverages data from Digital First Media’s owned and operated newspaper websites which see 50 million monthly unique visitors. AdTaxi uses this data to better understand and gain insight into consumers’ online behavior.

3rd Party Partner Data:

We also gather third party data from trusted partners such as BlueKai and Excelate. Third party data from online and offline sources results in better targeting to reach the right customer at the right time. Third party data allows AdTaxi to target consumers by behavior and demographic.

By combining 1st and 3rd Party Data, we can more precisely identify and effectively target consumers with appropriate ads. The unique blend of Publisher Data and Partner Data enables AdTaxi to highly target unique audiences.

Adaptive Digital Marketing

AdTaxi’s multi-channel approach to digital marketing delivers meaningful results for our advertising clients. As consumers move through the consumer decision making journey, from awareness to engagement, AdTaxi reaches them at every point.

  • Local News Media | Connects advertisers to a premium, local news audience to build brand awareness
  • Content Marketing | AdTaxi emerge increases consumer trust and builds interest in advertisers’ products and services
  • Audience Targeted Media | Establishes the dialogue between specific consumers and the advertisers wanting to reach them
  • Search Marketing | AdTaxi’s search marketing solutions drive brand visibility and credibility in the consumer evaluation phase.
  • Social Media | AdTaxi’s social media solutions build brand identity, increase conversations, and engage consumers
  • Digital Direct Mail | AdTaxi’s digital direct mail solutions create loyalty and engage repeat customers